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5 ways to find a good job without leaving home!

Job search for Muslim women is still not an easy task. Many are faced with various limitations because of which employment seems to be a real problem. Often women are ready for any job, if only you could walk into the hijab and the time to do the prayer! Sometimes the way out of this situation may be the work of...at home! And it is not about network marketing or knitting socks (although good handmade are always in demand)! 5 jobs that don't require your presence in the office of the employer! Accountant.If you own an accounting profession, you do not have to look for a job that you have 5 days to a week to arrive by 9 am. It is wiser to find 3-5 companies that you will remotely maintain accounting. Pros: you can be anywhere in the world, if you have a good Internet connection and necessary SOFTWARE (a program which keeps records and generates accounting, legal reference), and your employers electronic reporting form