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The difference between the employee - Muslim from non-Muslim?

We have started the Halal Work project (http://halalwork.ru) about half a year back. Initially, the help in employment to the believing people observing requirements of Islam was the main task of the project. And here has begun... Someone spoke, the pier nothing to show the belief - believe yourself in soul, someone was perplexed - at what religion, so far as concerns labor relationship in the secular state here? Were also absolutely categorical - like, are at home and pray to yourself! From here the project had had the second task - to create natural perception of Muslims in the business environment. And yes truth that here not natural? Unlike Europe and the West, the people practising Islam - not comers, from where migrants, but indigenous people of Russia. After times of the Soviet Union, difficult for religion, in our country, at last, there has come the period of growth of spirituality: people have ceased to be afraid to go to church, to tell openly about the belonging to Judaism, Islam. So why "the Soviet remnant of equalization" still prevents us to perceive the person of other religion how equal partner? Today a large number of women face that it is difficult to get a job "in a scarf": eychara from you jump aside, employers claim that they have a dresscode. You will visit the different websites, you esteem that is written by those who have visited similar interviews, - hair on end become! With men another story, they on external sign aren't always identified =) But then such, successfully employed, the Muslim often is in situation "between two fires": on a dzhum (an obligatory collective Friday prayer) seldom who can ask for leave at the employer (necessary and that all a couple of hours!), and the feeling of an internal religious debt in rest doesn't give. Here also all day such employee is nervous that he didn't pray in time … And still the tendency to rapprochement is: already there are halal products for Muslims from not halal businesses. Splat, for example, produces the oral cavity care products conforming to the halal standard, and the certificate is available for them! SK Allianz has started a halal investment product and in Sberbank financial services in a format of Islamic banking are already discussed. Aeroflot offers the halal menu to the passengers. The example of IKEA is indicative: the company has taken care of the employees practising Islam and has made a uniform with the company logo. For the first time hijabs for employees of IKEA have appeared in London, further - in the USA and Canada. "We never forced Muslims to refuse a traditional headdress for the sake of work in IKEA.