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Mobile application Halal Work for Android

Today the most valuable resource is time. We are so busy daily activities and commitments that focus and engage the job search with your favorite laptop or computer is becoming increasingly difficult.There is a solution!If you are in traffic, in line at the Bank, between classes at the University, on the Playground with a child (etc.) - do not waste your precious time, view new jobs in the mobile app Halal Work.For this you need to download the application HalalGuide (halalguide.me), choose "work", set the search parameters: the desired position and city, the app will show you all the jobs matching the search parameters and posted on our website halalwork.EN.Today the "work" in the application HalalGuide available to Android users soon this option will be available for owners of iOS.We also develop mobile version of our website.Let your job search will be comfortable and barakati!Ask questions about how to use the site and application, how to register, post a job or resume, etc., you can [email protected]