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Telephone etiquette: how to negotiate effectively with the employer?

For our project has already become a norm: to daily receive letters, the summary, calls from applicants. A large number of people want to get a job today - well paid and permitted according to halal requirements. At the same time, as shows our experience, the majority isn't known what to begin a conversation with the employer with and at once spread all the problems which had faced in the course of job search. I assure you, it for the employer information useless. So you won't get a job, at best, cause pity, or sympathy of the employer, but the offer won't follow them … So, what it is necessary to know before to dial phone number of your potential employer? How to begin a conversation? Greeting – the first what the conversation begins with. At Muslims it is accepted to welcome each other salamy, it is only important not to forget that on other end of a wire the person absolutely not familiar to you to whom you call on a business matter. He or she can be twice more senior than you. Therefore in the salam at all you shouldn't apply informal "brother" or "sister", and it is better to address on a name middle name and to be presented most. If the name and a middle name of the employer aren't known to you, then don't try to replace "brother sister" on "girl", "dear" and so forth, better politely take an interest as you can address the interlocutor. After a greeting it is impossible to complain of difficulties of employment in "our time" at all. It is more reasonable to continue a conversation by the story about why you want to work in this company. Attention! Reasons: I need any work, I need work where it is possible to read a Mohammedan prayer (to wear a hijab), etc., - aren't accepted! What interests the employer? It is important to employer to know, than the company you has interested and that you can give to this company. Tell what benefit you can bring if you hold a vacant post: what you could make what to improve what to offer. Besides, it is important to employer to understand what real experience you have: that you are able to do, as whom worked, than you want to be engaged. To get a job, it is necessary to present the experience from such foreshortening which is required within this concrete vacancy! The main goal of your call – to make a pleasant impression on the employer and to get on an interview! The second part of telephone negotiations at employment – questions to the employer concerning a vacancy. For this purpose you have to be well informed on what the company where you try to settle, is engaged, what its specifics. Before a conversation visit the website of the company of the employer, study him attentively, read reviews of the company on the Internet. Don't hesitate to ask the employer the specifying questions of a vacancy: if questions are correctly formulated, then it will become plus for you. But you remember, never you should ask a question of salary to the first ☺ incorrectly to ask the employer about personal, for example: "Who are you?". The main goal of your call – to make a pleasant impression and to get on an interview! If you want to learn more how to be prepared for a telephone interview with the employer, write on [email protected].