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Advice for those who want to find a job

Anyone who has ever faced the problem of employment, understand that the process is not simple and rather long. Before the applicant arises many questions: how to create a resume that will be asked at the interview, what to tell about yourself, how to get a job without experience, how to retrain (and not too late?) and etc. For these and many other questions ready to answer our consultants.We will professionally prepare you for interviews with the employer, to adjust before going for a new job, create a good summary, and if necessary, a spectacular portfolio, and even my site!We will answer all career questions, give advice and help to overcome fears, doubts, lack of confidence before the interview.In addition, we will explain what rights you have and what you can expect when applying for a job: check your employment contract (and if necessary, we will make it!), will help to understand the labour legislation of the Russian Federation.The cost of services check on [email protected]